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Hang Gliding Instruction

Lesson Options eff. 01/01/05


Until further notice

(See 03/23/06 update)

        We will not be accepting new students until we have resolved a legal problem/threat. There are a pair of issues. One is that some health care providers have started hiring companies to "subrogate" claims. What that means is: if a pilot were to pull a muscle here and go to a doctor to have it checked out, when the doctor attempts to get paid by the health care provider they send the claim to another outfit. The sharks then attack us in an attempt to collect the cost of the doctor's visit and any subsequent claims.
        Insurance is not a cure. That only attracts more scum suckers. And this brings up a second issue (see update). What is needed is legislation that protects land owners and people like hang gliding instructors from attack unless there is some form of gross negligence.
        Until we can figure out to handle these new threats, we will be busy fulfilling our commitments to pilots already signed up for courses and getting some good airtime ourselves.
With our regrets,
Ben and Alegra Davidson

Should you wish to contact us about the current status of the issue you can
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(All hang gliding equipment is supplied except for your mind and body but if you have a favorite helmet, bring it)
4 Lesson course --$400.00
First day: Ground school, simulator work, glider setup, ground handling and flying as conditions permit. Remaining days, Flying and concurrent ground school in preparation for the USHGA Hang 1 test. Some additional work in the flight simulator may be done to help develop pilot habits and skills.
$300.00 of the course fee can be applied to a Spectrum course within 30 days of the pilot's first lesson.
(4 Lesson Course included w/ the purchase of a new Falcon but can not be credited to other course fees)

Spectrum Course--$1,250.00
12 to 30+ lessons-- as many as it takes to get you off a mountain (with a Hang 2 rating) flying a state-of-the-art Wills Wing hang glider. Most of your work will be flying on our training hills, building confidence in your skill by performing progressively more demanding tasks. Simulator work will be done to help teach approaches improve pilot comfort in the glider and teach basic thermaling technique. Upon completion of the course you, the pilot, have a $300.00 credit toward the purchase, from Tek Flight Products of a new Wills Wing hang glider. The Wills "Falcon" can help a new hang glider pilot get more air-time more quickly and easily. while offering the advanced pilot superb handling in rough conditions.

      Ok, you have flown from a major mountain and WOW!!!!! it was great. Where do we go from here? You undoubtedly have your own glider and harness but you are really not ready for all that awaits you. Our help for new pilots or for any pilot is always available. No cost, no real obligation except to pass on what you have learned and to fly safely.
      We won't launch a new pilot without having radio contact. Why? So that we can warn of the impending "unexpected". So here you are, ready for more flying and we'll help but you must have your own radio and our help will be on a strictly informal basis. It works out well most of the time. The exceptions are when we are all tied up here teaching or when we go flying and the conditions are not good for you but good for us. If we are here teaching, we often have instructors out on the mountain who will help you if schedules work out BUT it would not be fair to have them take time away from their flying day without offering something in return and so you either wait until there is no conflict in schedules or--

    The Spectrum + $1,500.00
All of the previous and we'll even supply the radios if we have to and one of our instructors will get you off the mountain for your first 10 flights, speeding your growth, improving your airtime and giving you a solid push towards your H-3 rating. There still may be a schedule conflict but we will work to make "it" happen.

      Payment for the desired course MUST be made at the end of the first day. All equipment is supplied up through the first mountain flight. Unless otherwise agreed, courses must be completed within 12 months.

Our goal is to create hang glider pilots (who have as their own goal, the desire to fly)-- who will work as hard as necessary to gain the skills necessary so that they too, can work that thermal and, almost magically, watch clouds start to form below them.

Although physical strength is not a prime requirement, (some of our best students have weighed about 100 lbs.) willingness to work both physically and mentally during the learning process is a necessity. Hang Gliding offers rewards that are beyond description.

Hang glider pilots are a unique breed that control their own destiny. If that scares you, think for a moment about how few places you have where what happens to you is strictly up to you. There is however, no instant, mindless gratification. You don't learn to deal with nature in all of its extremes without step-by-step progression and work. A hang glider pilot establishes the ultimate partnership with nature.

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