THIS IS NOT A "Try it", instruction video.
The sole purpose of these videos are to show you first, what your
first flights will be like and second, what the start of a higher altitude flight
will look like and last, a glimpse of where it is taking you. Good instruction will get you there.
      Note -- hang glider pilots don't "jump off mountains", they fly off. It's a controlled, smooth transition from ground into the air.

You may do best to download the following and play them but you can try just clicking on them-------------------

1) What your first flight will look like -- if you are really good
2a)And then a higher altitude flight once the important skills are indestructibly engraved in you.
2b) Above (2A) but higher resolution
3) A short taste of a mountain flight
3b) The same as (3) but with the pilot's original/questionable(?) music. Let us know which you like

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