The Tek Flight Simulator

      The Tek Flight Products Flight simulator is designed to aid new pilots to achieve comfort flying a hang glider in dynamic situations. The response of the glider in the simulator can be matched to closely duplicate the the handling of the glider that the pilot flies. The pilot in the simulator flies while watching and hearing the simulated glider respond to their input on the glider's/simulator's control bar. Here the pilot can be tested painlessly for their response in "crisis" situations as they get surprised by the unexpected.
    There is an occasional person who should not fly. In fact they really shouldn't be driving a car as they cannot learn to respond instinctively to the variables in a dynamic environment. The simulator is a great tool to show this confusion or lack of response in active situations in a painless manner. It can cure problems caused by lack of self-confidence as the pilot can now see that when they behave correctly, the glider actually does what it is asked to do so they get conditioned to believe in themselves based on experience.

The pilot hangs in the same or a similar harness that they will be using. For their first flights, the pilot is given tasks that include reacting to glider upsets both in pitch and roll and doing landings where the glider is again subjected to directional and pitch upsets. After some actual hill experience the pilot then flies the simulator doing a multitude of tasks which include: coordinating turns, setting up landing approaches, soaring and even some cross-country work.

We and our pilots have been quite pleased with the increased teaching efficiency and faster pilot "growth" that the simulator has promoted.
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