Hang Glider and Paraglider pilots vote here to express your views on:
1) The combined Hang Gliding and Paragliding magazine and:
2) Including powered hang gliders and paragliders in the USHGA charter.
As of 08/01/03 You can only vote on one item per day so vote on the most important issue first (power) and if you want to vote on the other(s), come back tomorrow.
After voting the results appear and there is a place for your comments. They are important, use it.
Please do not vote on the same issue more than once.
Thank you and yes, I should have set it up better but this should find out what is important,
Ben Davidson
The results as of 08/01/03 at 04:30 PM:
1) 28
2) 11
3) 39
4) 19
5) 2
6) 9
7) 2
8) 30
9) 46