Below are links for the 2008 Ellenville waiver and SNYHGPA membership.

Please read the site regulations carefully. Waivers must be filled out and given to an appropriate person prior to flying the site. The site fees must be paid. You can contact Tony Covelli (845) 647-1008 for information.
1)Waiver for Ellenville in .pdf format

2) SNYHGPA (Southern New York Hang Glider Pilots Assn.) Membership. Download as .doc

Ellenville Flying Site Rules
 1. All pilots must:
a. annually, sign a current waiver before flying
b. be a CURRENT USHGA member
c. have full year or CURRENT temporary pass, and have sticker visible
2. Mandatory equipment includes:
a. CERTIFIED glider - must be airworthy
b. parachute
c. secondary hang loop
d. steel locking carabiner
e. approved head protection
3. Flying under the influence of intoxicants is prohibited.
4. Any incidents must be reported to Tony Covelli, & the USHGA.
5. No unleashed dogs.
6. Camping area is in the LZ by the creek. Camping is for full one-year members. NO LITTERING !
7. No unauthorized R.V.s.
8. No unauthorized tandem flying.
9. No unauthorized top landings.
10. No motorized flight from launch or L.Z.

Ellenville is a Hang 3, Para 4 site. 
For complete site rules and rating requirements with exemptions see the waiver & rules link.

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