Directions to Tek Flight Products/BAH Dobermans:
Winsted is at the junction of Rt. 44 and Rt.8
The Rt. 8 expressway runs North/South from the CT coast area to Winsted. Rt 44 runs E. To W. from Hartford CT into NY state. If you come via the Rt. 8 expressway , heading North, take a right at the end of the exit which will have you going West on Rt. 44.
    At the West end of Winsted, on Rt.44, there is a blinking light and Rt 183 goes off to the right. Go right on 183 (heading North). We are on Rt. 183 just UNDER 2 mi. from 44 on the left (West). There is a black mail box w/ a white ~2x3' sign saying "Tek Flight Products and a second on the far side of the driveway, BAH Dobermans
. You may not want to pull in the driveway depending upon mud or snow (I don't care about your car, just the driveway) and you can park at a pull-off just past us on the right.
If you pull in the driveway, park in any of the parking "areas" along the flat before the "N0 VEHICLES BEYOND THIS POINT" sign. We offer shuttle service for those that can't take the walk once things dry up but virtually all our pilots elect to walk for the sake of muscle condition.

  • Best map is -- Google Map to Tek Flight Products/BAH Dobermans. You may have to play with the zoom on the map to figure things out. The driveway is off Rt. 183.
  • Mapquest map to Tek Flight Products driveway. You may have to zoom out.

    Note--"Norfolk Rd." is Rt.44, Colebrook Rd. is Rt 183(N). The normal web maps do not show our location correctly.

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