Camcorder/heavy duty camera mount

(Finalized design)

By "heavy duty" we mean that it is much more rigid and will support more weight than our "B" (light duty) mount.

As with anything that can dropped on the innocent below, I would take extra precautions with safeties when using heavy, valuable cameras. A version of this mount was tested by a pilot using it for tandem aerotow photography on a 225 Falcon. After a number of "revisions" it seemed to be behaving itself (mounted on the crossbar) with a fairly clunky camcorder. Some small details were changed which improved it further.


To date, all comments from pilots using the mount have been favorable.
Our own tests have been restricted to our 2# camcorder and our Falcon 195 with running launches.
Check out the picture links and see if it is what you want---$129.50 S&H US included. (Ask for shipping cost for foreign).
When a picture is shown taken from the mount, it is taken by a camera with a focal length equivalent to approx. 50mm.

The frame below courtesy of Tyler Darby

"B" mount information
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