Ball variometers from Tek Flight Products

We also stock Cloudbase varios
AUDIO MODEL--M12 Cricket Audio only $125.00

M19E PRICE - $345.00 Two 1-foot Resolution Altimeters User Selectable Audio Sounds (16 Lift, 16 Sink) 3-stage Vario Dampening 2-stage Vario Averager Temperature Indicator Battery Level Indicator 2-year Manufacturer's Warranty Extensive 23-flight Memory Highest altitude above sea level Highest altitude above launch Highest rate of climb Highest rate of sink Flight elapsed time Season Total Flight Number Season Total Elapsed Time Maintenance Program $45.00

GC - 98 Ball Graphics Comp $CALL ~$1300.00 Ball GC-98 Vario, Total Energy Vario, Netto Vario, Airspeed, Polars, Final glide calculator, GPS interface, Averager, 2 Altimeters,Programmable audio sound,Clock, Rechargeable Batteries, Wall charger, Car charger, 57 Page Manual, and Carrying Case STANDARD FEATURES: Variometer (Rate of climb/sink): 1600 FPM analog MAX Analog climb display right or left (user selectable) 8000 FPM digital MAX User selectable sensitivity (response/delay rate) Averager (Rate of climb/sink): 1600 FPM analog MAX Analog climb display right of left (user selectable) 2000 FPM digital MAX 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, or 40 second average (user selectable) Audio (Rate of climb/sink): User selectable sound User adjustable climb and sink thresholds Volume control Three 1 foot resolution Altimeters Barometer 24 hour real time clock Digital temperature readout Automatic flight elapsed time readout 16 site launch altitude memory (all 3 altimeters): Manual or automatic load (user selectable) 128 flight memory: Max climb Max sink Max altitude gain over launch Max altitude attained Date and time of flight launch Duration of flight Total number of flights and total time log Status line on/off control User selectable scales: Altimeters: feet/metric Variometer: fpm/km/h/knots Temperature: degrees F or C Internal rechargeable batteries: Built in smart charger Low battery warning Car charger Temperature and altitude compensated Carrying bag Safety lanyard PC compatible Barograph (FAI approval pending): 1, 5, 10, or 20 second interval recording (user selectable) 361 hours MAX time @ 20 second interval Auto or manual start (user selectable) PC download compatible Display barograph trace on screen Print barograph trace direct to serial printer 2000 FPM digital MAX Airspeed (using the pitot system): User selectable scale: mph/km/h/knots L/D display Relative battery life indicator (in approximate hours remaining) Polars: Building Storage Up to 8 polars stored Editing Loading for use (manual or auto (user selectable)) Speed to fly (with polar loaded for use): Audio indicating faster or slower Arrow display for faster or slower Auto or manual thermal to STF and back screen switch (user selectable) 4, 8, 12, or 16 second delay to STF screen (user selectable) Netto vario and display (analog and digital) Total energy vario on/off, fine tuning (user selectable/adjustable) 1-8 risk factor (user selectable) Auto or manual expected lift factor (user selectable) GPS interface (with GPS signal): L/D: ground speed verses sink rate Tracking degrees readout Glide ratio to next waypoint from current position 99 waypoints memory (user imputable) 2 courses selectable with up to 9 waypoints per coarse Go on final glide to goal waypoint message Final glide calculator to goal waypoint Moving map (navigation screen) 4,8,16,or 32 mile map screen (zoom) or metric equivalent Distance to next waypoint readout Approximate relative arrival altitude to next waypoint Choice of clamp Options: Garmin GPS (see GPS's in products page) Interface Cable for Garmin GPS to Graphics Comp $50.00 Software upgrade for GC-98 $125.00 Maintenance program: 1st year maintenance $95.00 1 year maintenance$195.00 ---------------------------------------------------- Wall Charger (BGC's) $25.00 Car Charger (BGC's) $25.00 BGC Bag $25.00 BGC Manual $25.00 Ball Clamp (long, short, M19 style) $25.00 Daveron Clamp $50.00 Ball Clamp (Arm only) $10.00 Ball Clamp Safety Strap $10.00 Streamline Adapter(sm med lg) $10.00 T.E. Probe only $25.00 Remote Mount for Airspeed $35.00 Airspeed Flex Assy (65X and M50) $95.00 Airspeed Cable (per foot) $1.50 Airspeed Motor $80.00 SERVICES: Unit Recalibration $45.00 Name change on BGC $25.00 Code change on BGC $25.00 BGC LCD Replacement (labor not included) $175.00 BGC LCD Replacement (labor included with maintenance program) $175.00

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